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About Women In Science.Africa

About Women In Science.Africa is a news and information digital platform, published by Media Torque and Events in Johannesburg, South Africa. It focuses on news, analysis, opinion, topics on STEMI (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Innovation), environment among other topics.

With an integrated approach to content, it is updated continually everyday with unique content across multi-media platforms.

Introducing Women in Science.Africa

Women. Science. Africa. How often are these words used in the same sentence, let alone the same article or speech as say their men, science and Africa. Not often, or not often enough? That’s the problem. These women are all but invisible to the media, their achievements sitting on slides waiting to be put under the microscope.

The reasons for their absence is purely historical, not rational or even logical. Women are in science. Women are leading Africa. Women in Africa are leading science, even while their numbers lag far behind in terms of representation on boards, in academics, through doctorates or even graduates. But just because women aren’t sitting on boards, doesn’t mean they’re waiting to lead and achieve in their fields. They are already doing just that. And more.

Dig a little deeper and you will strike a well of untold stories of African women leading teams to scientific breakthroughs or building companies around technologies to drive Africa forward. Women scientists are here and they’re here to stay, whether we support or applaud them. So just imagine if there was a platform, with the power and mandate to uplift, support and celebrate women in science on the African continent. A platform that connected the best scientific institutes with the right media partnerships and the most relevant government bodies in the name of furthering the achievements of women in science, in Africa, for the future of Africa.

Are you seeing what we see? A space for Africa’s growing community of female scientists to find support, networks and a home for their ideas and achievements to take root and grow?

If you are hearing that Africa needs more women scientists to grow more women in science, then you are seeing  our vision for Women in Science.Africa and we welcome you to be part of our origin story at the birth of a new scientific renaissance in Africa.